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Temporary and Part-Time Accounting Jobs

Temporary and Part-Time Accounting JobsTemporary and Part-Time Accounting JobsTemporary and part-time accounting jobs are an increasingly attractive option in todays labor?market. For professionals who have recently undergone a career shift or are looking to make a lifestyle change, flexible work arrangements can provide an ideal source of income and unique perks. Although temporary and part-time employment both offer professional flexibility,?its important to recognize they arent synonymous. A temp job can be?anything from a few hours a week to a 40-hour-plus commitment, but it lasts for only a specific?period of time - anywhere from a day to several months. Part-time accounting and financial jobs, on the other hand, require?fewer hours per week than full-time jobs but may be?ongoing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines part-time positions?as 1 to 34 hours per week.?The scenario you search for depends on your personal and family situation - ?and it can change over time. A full-t ime temporary finance position might be ideal for a student on summer break or a professional whos between jobs or exploring new opportunities a part-time accounting job might better fit a working parent or other professional who cant commit to a 40-hour workweek.Whatever path you choose, here?are six things that taking temporary and part-time accounting jobs will allow you to do1. Access new skillsA?big advantage of temporary and part-time work is the opportunity to learn new skills, making you a better candidate for promotion and more marketable the next time you decide to search for full-time employment. Temp workers who sign on?with a staffing agency often?receive access to a wealth of?training opportunities?and?career advice. Accountemps, for example, offers these resources for bookkeepers, accountants and financial workers free of dienstgrad and makes them available 24/7.2. Test a new career path A big plus of temporary jobs is the sheer?variety of work you can do. Because tem p assignments usually last for just a few weeks or months, interim workers get to test?out?new projects and employers. Working as a temp is?a great way to network with a wide range of accounting, bookkeeping and finance professionals, and you can use your experiences at different offices?to determine what kind of firm?suits you and determine the direction of your career path.3. Earn competitive?payYou might be surprised to learn that you can earn competitive pay?through temporary and part-time jobs. Some accounting and finance professionals even receive access to?employee benefits, especially if they are registered with a staffing firm.This is at least partly due to our changing economy. The United States has seen steady growth in temp?jobs in the past decade, and companies?now regularly use interim accounting, bookkeeping and finance professionals to fill short-term demands. In fact, in some segments of the industry, a large percentage of individuals hold part-time positions - abo ut 25 percent of people in bookkeeping are part time, for instance. As a result, hourly wages for both temporary and part-time jobs are usually on par with (if not better than) a full-time salary. This is especially true for individuals who possess?specialized skill?sets, such as CPAs, medical collection specialists, financial analysts and tax accountants.Read this Temp Work Myths Debunked Not Just for Entry-Level Positions.?4. Maximize your flexibility Temporary and part-time jobs offer the opportunity to better balance work and personal priorities because youre not tied to a traditional full-time schedule. Parents, students and those nearing the end of their careers, in particular, are often attracted to this schrift of work for this very reason. Retired professionals may also find interim management roles an attractive reason to return to full-time work occasionally.5. Build your reputationTemp and part-time accounting jobs put you in a good position to apply for?full-time work i f you decide to go that route. Employers often look to existing part-time and temp workers first when filling new positions.?The company?already knows what the staffers work ethic is like, how theyve performed in the job?day to day?and how they fit with the corporate culture, so converting part-time or temp workers to full-time status makes the hiring process quicker, easier and less risky for the firm.6. Make an impactEven if?youre not a full-time employee, the company still relies on your dedication and expertise. Your time may be focused on one?tax accounting or bookkeeping?project, or the company may have several areas where they need?your help.?Your manager?may even tell you about areas where the company needs help and let you choose, or start you in one direction and then modify your duties as your strengths emerge. Whatever the assignment, carry out your duties as if they were your?permanent career, take initiative and add value to every task you accomplish. Thats key to both job satisfaction and career advancement.?Whether youre transitioning to a new industry, working through a career shift?or slowing down for personal reasons, temp or part-time accounting jobs can give you the flexibility youre looking for. When you need help with your search, contact us. Accountemps?is an expert at placing skilled professionals with local employers.Are you ready to take the next steps?SEARCH TEMPORARY JOBSSEND US YOUR RESUME

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One of the Most Neglected Options for Freelance Graphic Design Resume

One of the Most Neglected Options for Freelance Graphic konzeption Resume Freelance Graphic Design Resume - Dead or Alive? Freelancing 101 is an occasional series to help the growing number of freelancers in the marketplace. Branding is another typical freelance position. It involves the companys reputation and the visual images that can enhance its reputation. Therefore your copywriting is crucial. Ruthless Freelance Graphic Design Resume Strategies Exploited You need your resume to create the recruiters call you for an interview, but they will need to learn how to reach you. Start with listing a number of the top skills the job posting requires. All our resumes are a breeze to edit and theyre also able to be customized to your liking. Infographic-style resumes have gotten popular, and they may be effective when done well. The Basics of Freelance Graphic Design Resume Theres nobody way to do so, and thats the reason why there are several kinds of graphic konzept, each with their own region of specialization. Adhere to a conventional list or bullet point format to underline the skills you do have, and just leave out the ones which you dont. The objective needs to be clear and straightforward tro read. Several objectives are provided that can be used in any general resume. Freelance Graphic Design Resume Secrets You may use the identical graphic on your cover letter to provide your application a polished, pulled-together appearance. Although a graphic designer resume is only the very first crucial step in landing your fantasy position, its frequently the thing that may make it or break it in conditions of your employment. If you create a good reputation for a print designer its possible to come to be highly desirable, with a steady stream of income. Youre returning to classic employment. Details of Freelance Graphic Design Resume Graphic designing is an endeavor of creativity, meaning that it requires a whole lot more than just your time. Creating Creative graphic designs isnt an inborn talent. Graphic Designer is just one of the absolute fruchtwein in-demand positions because well-conceptualized visuals are a vital component in making up effective multimedia content. Graphic designers also have the choice to bring a short about description to supply more info on themselves. The very good thing for graphic designers without an experience is, its simple to find some. Not everybody who sees your work comes out of a creative, or visual industry. Much has changed in the last five years when it regards the graphic design biz. The portfolio design itself is a chance to display your experiences and abilities. Type of Freelance Graphic Design Resume One of the advantages of operating as a self-employed designer is that you are able to work at home and have charge of your schedule. Freelance is a completely different ballgame, Morris states. The most essential part of a graphic designer is the limitation of the job thats been assigned to them. After college its common to work as an assistant designer for a more well-known designer so as to get experience. Things You Should Know About Freelance Graphic Design Resume A whole lot of graphic designer job positions can be found in various industries and fields of expertise. The issue with listing the work you did while freelancing is it can build expectations. Youre asking for a business award. New Ideas Into Freelance Graphic Design Resume Never Before Revealed A Motion graphic designer resume needs to incorporate the right graphic designer job description and the above vorlage can help you to acquire the most appropriate description according to your requirement. Youre a graphics gal or guy, so earning a portfolio from scratch may be somewhat challenging. The graphic design resumes display both the talents and the essence of the author, helping to construct a brand even if working independently. Although personalized, a great graphic de sign resume needs to be professional enough to convince recruiters your style matches their brand. In fact, there are all kinds of different of graphic designing. Any designer needs to be in a position to go over their projects as avidly since they may design them. You dont need to be worried about your graphic designer resume. Choosing an entry-level graphic designer is almost always a huge danger of a companynot only does the designer must have excellent taste, but he also has to fit with the businesss style. Downloading the readymade designer Resume Templates will supply you privilege of getting the very best opportunity of expressing yourself in the most effective method. The requirement of graphic designer resume occurs whenever you dont know exactly the ideal option for your requirement. Maximizes return on investment in the occasion you wish to incorporate a website or e-commerce web site, you to employ the assistance of a specialist. If youre requested to provide a pr esentation, the conference meeting organizer will most likely want to introduce you. However much experience you have as a graphic designer, be sure that your resume includes a URL to your very best work. Consider what type of work which you have, and the way it may be best presented. If youre creative and have sufficient time, on the flip side, you could always update the design to look at all specifics of a new job assignment and change the resume accent accordingly. Some individuals may believe that fancy is better, but in the event of a prosperous graphic design resume, easy and professional is the thing to do. Review the freelance graphic designer CV example to better understand what sort of elements you may choose to include in your expert document. With helpful instructions often included, you will be able to personalize your template effortlessly. Design elements along with every page is as a header. Do what you can to make it appear sleek.

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The Advantages of Professional Resume Writing Services Vancouver Bc

The Advantages of Professional Resume Writing Services Vancouver Bc Our resume builder is the quickest approach to create a resume that can help you get your fantasy job. You may be compromising your odds for that next job. Unfortunately, writing a resume can be rather a challenge. Understanding how to tailor your resume will obviously offer you an advantage. The New Angle On Professional Resume Writing Services Vancouver Bc Just Released Otherwise, you really need to adhere to a traditional resume. When youve reviewed resumes in your field, peruse resumes across fields to know how to vary using action verbs and receive a feel for what makes a potent accomplishment statement. The use of the freelancers union, thinks a potential marks, its governance by numbers ozga nonetheless. Its possible to check the address in internet Maps. Finding the proper info or services might be frustrating experience for. DL Web Service DL Web Service presents local search engine optimization to businesses attempting to get landseen by their customers in the various search engines. Find useful info, the address and the telephone number of the neighborhood business youre cheap for. Every writer we employ has written a good deal of special papers associated with your subject. A specialist summary is the very first thing people are likely to see on your resume. A professional resume critique might be exactly what you will need to work out whats missing from your resume and what should go. Below, you will locate a list of resume examples that could assist you with your work search. The One Thing to Do for Professional Resume Writing Services Vancouver Bc Writing quality essays is the principal use of our services. Its hard to pick a service to purchase your essay from. Our site is just one of the most appropriate for essay help. You can trust the ideal essay help online. Professional resume writers also know the present buzz words in every single industry. Act ually, a seasoned writer can get the job done much faster than any student as theyve been writing academic assignments during their entire life. Our Vancouver CV writers understand how to produce resumes that stand-out in just about any sort of job sector. A Certified Professional Resume Writer is there to aid you with your resume just as you would seek out a mechanic to restore your vehicle. The Chronicles of Professional Resume Writing Services Vancouver Bc Building a professional resume can look to be an intimidating task when youre applying for employment. Writing your resume is no simple endeavor. Writing a strong application is a difficult procedure and we would like to make it simpler. Writing a resume for employment in the art industry can be difficult.

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Health Care Directive FAQ - United States

Health Care Directive FAQ - United StatesHealth Care Directive FAQ - United StatesHealth Care Directive BasicsIm getting older. What documents should I have in place?If you are getting older or if you have dependants, there are three documents you should prepare to help your loved ones manage your affairs.Health Care Directive Your Health Care Directive (also called Living Will or Personal Directive or Advance Decision) is used to appoint someone to make health care and partal care decisions for you (of a non-financial nature) and describes any medical treatment preferences you may have in the event you are no longer able to communicate or are incapable of giving consent.Power of Attorney Your Power of Attorney grants authority over your financial decision making to someone you trust in case you become unable to communicate or incapable of giving consent. A Power of Attorney may also be used to grant full or limited powers over your financial affairs when you will be travelling or ot herwise unavailable.Last Will Your Last Will describes how to distribute your estate after you die.What is a health care directive?A health care directive, also called an enduring power of attorney for health care, advance directive or living will, sets out in writing your wishes for your medical care and treatment. It may also name a person to make koranvers those wishes are carried out.Usually, a health care directive contains specific directions on the course of action you would or would not like to take if you are in a terminal condition, a permanent coma or in a persistent vegetative state. It may provide instructions on whether or not you wish to receive artificial life support, artificially administered food and water or comfort and care.What is the difference between a Last Will and a Health Care Directive?A Last Will is used to distribute your property after your death. A Health Care Directive allows you to specify, in writing, your health care preferences for the time whe n you no longer have capacity to provide consent. A Last Will cannot be used to specify what type of medical treatment you want.Why do I require a health care directive?Should you suffer from an accident or illness, you may not be able to communicate the type of treatment you wish to receive. In such circumstances, your health care provider and your family will be obliged to guess what your health care wishes are. However, if you have signed a health care directive, your health care wishes will be clear and no guess work will be required.Do I need a lawyer to create a health care directive?No. A health care directive can be created without the assistance of a lawyer.Do I need a health care directive if I already have a last will and testament?Yes. Health care directives and last wills are very different. Your last will and testament deals with the distribution of property after your death. In contrast, a health care directive deals with your health and personal care and applies w hen you are alive and cannot communicate your wishes.What is a living will?A living will allows you to convey your wishes regarding medical treatment when you are unable. Usually, a living will contains specific directions on the course of action you would or would not like to take if you are in a terminal condition, a permanent coma or in a persistent vegetative state. It may provide instructions on whether or not you wish to receive artificial life support, artificially administered food and water or comfort and care.What is a medical power of attorney?A medical power of attorney allows you to designate someone to make health care decisions for you when you are unable. This type of document will authorize your health care representative to make decisions such as whether or not you wish to receive certain medical treatments or procedures. A medical power of attorney is sometimes referred to as a health care power of attorney or a health care proxy.If I have a durable power of attor ney do I also need a medical power of attorney?Durable powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney are both documents used to authorize someone to act for you after you have s-lost capacity or if you cannot communicate. However, a durable power of attorney usually allows an attorney-in-fact to make decisions relating to only your property and finances while a medical power of attorney allows a health care representative to make decisions relating to your health. Consequently, you should have a medical power of attorney in addition to any durable power of attorney.Will my health care directive be legally binding?Once properly signed and witnessed, your health care directive will be legally binding on family, friends and health care personnel (to the extent your directions are consistent with accepted health care practices). However, health care practitioners are not required to ask whether you have signed a directive or search for a directive. Make sure that your family, friend s and health care representative know that you have signed a health care directive and let them know where it can be found.Will my health care provider be obliged to follow the instructions in my health care directive?Generally, health care providers must follow your health care instructions (to the extent your directions are consistent with accepted health care practices). However, if a health care provider is unwilling to follow your directions, the provider is usually obliged to refer you to another health care provider who will honor your instructions.How long will a health care directive last?A health care directive will last until the time of your death unless you have revoked it sooner.The PrincipalWho is the principal?The principal is the person who will be requiring someone else to act for him or her. The principal must be an adult. The principal must be of sound mind and capable of making his or her own decisions at the time the health directive is executed (signed).Can an yone be a principal?Anybody who is mentally capable and who is 18 years of age or older may make a health care directive for themselves.The Health Care RepresentativeWho is the health care representative?The person appointed by the principal is called the health care representative. The health care representative is the person who acts for the principal in the event the principal is no longer able to communicate his or her wishes. A health care representative may also be referred to as a proxy, an attorney-in-fact or an werber.Who cannot act as my health care representative?Your health care representative should not be someone who is mentally incapable someone who is under 18 years of age a treating health care provider a non-relative employee of your treating health care provider an operator of a community care facility or a non-relative employee of an operator of a community care facility.Who do I choose to act as my health care representative?Ensure that you choose an indi vidual whom you trust and whom you feel comfortable sharing your wishes. It is not necessary to choose a health care representative who shares all your beliefs, however you should choose an individual whom you are confident will respect your wishes and who will do his/her best to get the type of health care treatment you want.It is important to choose a health care representative who will be available when required to make your health care decisions. There may come a time where you require someone to remain by your bedside for long stretches of time to ensure health care personnel follow your wishes. Under unterstellung circumstances, it may not be practical to have a representative who resides out of state.You should discuss your health care wishes with your heath care representative to ensure that he or she will be able to make decisions based on what you have discussed and the information contained in the directive.Do I need to appoint an alternate health care representative?You do not need to appoint an alternate health care representative however it is a good safeguard. Should your original representative be unable or unwilling to act on your behalf, your alternate representative could act for you instead.When will my representative be allowed to make my health care decisions?Your representative can only make your health care decisions after a doctor has determined that you are not capable of making or communicating responsible health care decisions for yourself.What will happen if I appoint my spouse as my representative and we later divorce?Generally, your spouses authority to act on your behalf will be revoked on your divorce unless you specify something to the contrary in the directive. If you had named an alternate representative, then that person will now have authority to act on your behalf. However, it is usually best to create a new health care directive after a divorce to ensure that your intentions are clear.TerminologyWhat is a health care pro vider?A health care provider is any person who is licensed, certified or otherwise legally authorized to administer health care in the ordinary course of business or practice of a profession.What is an attending physician?An attending physician refers to the physician licensed by the state board of medicine, selected by or assigned to the patient, and who has primary responsibility for the treatment and care of the patient.What is terminal condition?Terminal condition means a condition caused by injury, disease or illness from which there is no reasonable medical probability of recovery and which, without treatment, can be expected to cause death.What is permanent coma?Permanent coma means a profound state of unconsciousness caused by disease, injury, poison or other means and for which it has been determined that there exists no reasonable expectation of regaining consciousness.What is persistent vegetative state?stndig vegetative state means a permanent and irreversible condition in which a person makes no voluntary actions and demonstrates no evidence of having thoughts, is unable to communicate and is unaware of his or her own existence.What is artificial life support?Artificial life support, also known as life-prolonging procedures or life-sustaining procedures means any medical procedure, treatment or intervention which sustains, restores or supplants a spontaneous vital bodily function. In this document, artificial life support does not include artificially administered food or water or procedures that are necessary to provide comfort or alleviate pain (including pain relief medications).What is artificially administered food and water?Artificially administered food and water, also known as tube feeding, involves putting a tube into a persons stomach (through the nose or through a small hole in the abdomen). This is done for people who are too ill to chew or swallow by themselves or with someone else helping them. Without a feeding tube, such a person w ho cannot eat will die within days or week. With a feeding tube, the chance that a person will live depends on the persons overall condition.What is comfort care?Comfort care means treatment, including prescription medication, provided to the patient for the sole purpose of alleviating pain. Artificially administered food and water is not comfort care. The provision of comfort care may result in extending or shortening a persons life.Anatomic GiftsWhat is an anatomic gift?An anatomic gift refers to the donation of organs or tissues for the purpose of transplantation or for the purpose of dissection in the study of medicine.Can I make an anatomic gift in my health directive?To make an anatomic gift, set out your instructions in the Additional Instructions section of the Living Will portion of the Health Directive. You may want to specify the following whether all organs and tissues can be used or whether only certain organs and tissues can be used whether there are any limitations or restrictions on the use of your organs or tissues and who will receive the donation (e.g. any hospital, surgeon, physician, medical school, storage facility or specified individual) and an alternate donee if the original is unable to accept the gift. Note In Oklahoma and Wisconsin it is not necessary to use the Additional Instructions section to make an anatomic gift as the health directives in each of these states provides a section for anatomical gifts.Modification and RevocationCan I change or alter my health care directive?If you wish to alter the directions in your health care directive or appoint a different health care representative, you should destroy all copies of the directive and create a brand new directive. Remember that your directive should always reflect your current wishes. Also, ensure that you provide a copy of your new directive to your health care representative, your physician or anyone else who had received the old directive.Can I revoke my health care di rective?If you wish to revoke your health care directive, the best way to do so is by destroying all copies of the directive and notifying your health care provider of your decision. You may also revoke your directive by informing your attending physician or health care provider that you wish to revoke your directive. Generally, a revocation of a health care power of attorney will only be accepted if the revocation was made while the principal was of sound mind.Do I require a new health care directive if I move to another jurisdiction?Each jurisdiction has its own laws, forms and procedures related to health care directives. Most jurisdictions will honor the health care directive of another jurisdiction however it is best to consult with the legislation specific to your jurisdiction to ensure that your health care directive will be recognized.MiscellaneousDoes an health care directive allow mercy killing or euthanasia?No. Most jurisdictions have laws that prohibit assisted suicide o r euthanasia.Can I write my wishes for funeral arrangements in my health directive?Yes. You can set out your instructions for funeral arrangements in the Additional Instructions section of the Living Will portion of the Health Directive.Will my health care directive be honored if I am pregnant?In many states health care directives will not be valid if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, it is best to consult with the legislation specific to your state to determine whether your health directive will be recognized.Signing DetailsWhat should I do with my health care directive once it has been properly signed and witnessed?You should discuss your health care directive with your health care representative, your family and your family physician. Additionally, you should provide these parties a copy of your directive.Does my health care directive need to be notarized?Your health care directive must contain verification of your signature (or the signature of a person authorized by you to sign on your behalf). The verification can usually be made by either a notary public or by 2 witnesses who are 18 years of age or older.Remember The notary is authenticating the execution of the document. That means that each person whose signature is being authenticated must be present and sign in front of the notary.Who cannot act as my witness?The following people cannot act as your witness a person who is related to you by blood, marriage or adoption a health care provider a person who works for a health care provider the operator of a community health facility a person who works for the operator of a community health facility a person you have designated as your agent or alternate agent (health care representative) or a person who is entitled to any part of your estate on your death, either in your will, or by the laws of intestate succession (a person who is your heir).Are there any other witnessing formalities?Both of your witnesses must watch you sign, or they must b oth be present when you acknowledge your signature. Also, your witnesses must watch each other sign.

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What You Need To Know About Carpooling

What You Need To Know About CarpoolingWhat You Need To Know About CarpoolingCarpooling can either be a saving grace for working moms or a huge stress. Finding the right people to carpool with is like finding good child care. If you cant trust them that its not going to work out. And if the kids you drive around are not respectful and plektrum up after themselves your kids are going to want out, too. What is carpooling? Carpooling happens when two or more people, typically from different households, share a car ride together. You can carpool together tosave moneyon fuel,tolls, and parking, to protect the environment and to help get your kids somewhere when you cant drive them. Everyone in the familycan participate in a carpool and receive different types of benefits. Here is what you need to know about carpools and how to make it work for you and your family. Use a Carpool to Get to Work Once the kids are off to school its time to join your carpool. Imagine how much fun itd be to catch up with friends on the way to work Or you and co-workers could get a head abflug on work while sitting in traffic. Carpooling can turn out to be an efficient use of your time. When the carpool will happen depends on everyone work schedules and making compromises (if necessary). Your carpool could be done on a regular basis like every workday or every Monday or it could be flexible, to cater to people flexible work schedules. Aim to set expectations early in the carpool agreement like how often you will drive and how much notice needs to be given if one of you needs to back out. Does this sound like too much work? Then use an app to manage your work carpool. TheLooptivityappwill keep everyone in the loop about carpool changes like times, delays, or cancellations. Have everyone in the carpool use this app, instead of email or texting, to keep communication organized and in one spot. Another app you could use isTheCar Pool Partyappif your gang has a hard time remembering whose t urn it is to drive. The app can even pick who should drive next If find yourself without a ride to work because someone cancels on you try the HitchARide app. It is a social ride-sharing app where you can watch their social feed to hitch a ride to work. Find a Carpool If You Have a Long BusinessTrip by Car A carpool could be arranged for long or unusual car trips. Many large cities offer carpool pickup locations where drivers can pick up a stranger to drive in or out of the urban area. Usually, these correlate with carpool lanes on the highways that let cars with a specific number of people often set at two or three or more to give drivers an incentive to pick up passengers. The UberPOOL app is meant to manage a carpool for long-distances, where theres a flat-fee and a discount if more than one person hitches a ride. Another option is to useZimRidewhich is hosted by the car-renting business Enterprise. Corporations and universities host a private social network for their emp loyees and students to use to setup carpools. Setup a Carpool to Transport Your Kids It can be a scheduling challenge to get your kids home from after-school activities. Especially when youre stuck at work. A carpool can be the solution instead of having to leave work early to get the kids. Be sure to check that everyones insurance policies will cover driving children around who are not their own. In addition to the apps you could use for a work carpool there are a few family-friendly apps you could try to manage your kids carpools. TheCoziappsis a family organizer and with its gold membership you can share a calendar with other families in the carpool to keep track of whose turn it is. TheCarpool School Editionapp gives you a months glance of your carpooling schedule and allows you to manage your schools carpooling schedule. Carpooling can make life easier and help you and your family strengthen your relationship within your community. With so many apps out there to make carpo oling easier to manage its worth giving it a shot Updated by Elizabeth McGrory

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This is how to make your kids successful 4 secrets from research

This is how to make your kids successful 4 secrets from researchThis is how to make your kids successful 4 secrets from researchYou want your kids to grow up and be mora than just older. You want them to be successful and fulfilled.But its a daunting challenge for a parent. Never mind that the price of 4 years of college looks like a phone number these days. You also get a lot of conflicting advice.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moraTruth is, there are very few hard and fehlte nicht viel rules in the universe (the only definite one being that A/V materials will never, ever function correctly during your presentation.) But trying to get straight answers about good parenting can be downright sanity-straining.Whats the latest weve been hearing? 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, grit, early specialization, tiger momsAre you skeptical about any of these? Good, youve come to the right place. (Here, take a seat next to me.) Luckily, someone has done the research and has clear answers for usThe estimableDavid Epstein, author of the excellent NYT bestsellerThe Sports Gene, has a new book out that turns a number of these ideas on their head. (And hes leid just a fantastic author hes also a new father.)Range Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized Worldis already one of my Best Books of 2019. (Its so good that Ill be interviewing David about it,at a live event, on 6/18. If youre in LA, swing on by.)Okay, so you want your kids to be successful, happy, and as cool as the other side of the pillow?Lets get to it1) Children Need A Sampling Period10,000 hours of deliberate practice to be an expert. Weve heard this a lot. And while you can debate the specifics, nobody disputes that all other things being equal, more hours = more good. Which leads a lot of parents to think that you need to start kids on a path to expertise as young as possible.On the surface, it makes sens e. Its been best illustrated by the story of Tiger Woods. His dadhad him playing with putters at 7 months, he was beating adults at age 4, and even beat his own father at age 8. This story has become the stuff of legend. (Heck, his dad even later wrote aparenting book.)And theres no doubt - the elitesdospend more time on deliberate practice than non-elites. You know it must be true because I have a chartSo this must mean you have to get your kids started on their destined path as soon as possible to rack up those hours, right? Well, much like my online dating profile, this sounds good at first but turns out to bedrngnis be very accurateBecause theresaelendherathletes story you dont hear as much. This kid didnt relentlessly focus on one sport. He was skiing, wrestling, swimming, skateboarding, playing basketball, handball, badminton and soccer.He tried everything and was serious about nothing. It wasnt until his teens that he started to focus on tennisBut that kid became Roger Feder er.And it turns out that the Roger path is actually much more common than the Tiger path. At young ages, Tiger is the exception, not the rule, among elites(Yes, I admit, that was a sneaky gimmick with the charts. Blame David, not me.)FromRangeEventual elites typically devote less time early on to deliberate practice in the activity in which they will eventually become experts. Instead, they undergo what researchers call a sampling period. They play a variety of sports, usually in an unstructured or lightly structured environment they gain a range of physical proficiencies from which they can later draw they learn about their abilities and proclivities and only later do they focus in and ramp up technical practice in one area.Yeah, but that might only be true of sports, right? Nope. Same pattern is evident in music.FromRangethe students classified as exceptional by the school came from less musically active families compared to less accomplished students, did not start playing at a y ounger age, were less likely to have had an instrument in the home at a very young age, had taken fewer lessons prior to entering the school, and had simply practiced less overall before arriving a lot less.And what were the best music students like? They turn out to be those children who distributed their effort more evenly across three instruments. Again, more Roger, less Tiger.But maybe your kid, like most kids, isnt going to be a pro athlete or part of an orchestra. Doesnt matter. We see a similar principle in normal jobs after college.FromRangeOne study showed that early career specializers jumped out to an earnings lead after college, but that later specializers made up for the head start by finding work that better fit their skills and personalities.10,000 hours is good. But they dont have to happen between ages 0-10. In fact, they shouldnt.(To learn more about how you and your children can lead a successful life, check out my bestselling bookhere.)Alright, so what else does it take for you to end up in the Cooperstown of parenting? Well, learning in school is critical. Whats the problem most moms and dads face here?Well, the problem might be that your kids are doingtoo wellin school.Yeah, you heard me2) Real Learning Is Slow And FrustratingIll repeat that the problem might be that kids are doing too well in school.Im aya you have a suppressing-a-fart expression on your face right now. Hold on, Ill explainGood grades are wonderful. But if theyre coming fast and easy, chances are your kid isnt really learning all that much that theyre really going to retain. The research is clear to really learn, studying must be hard. They even have a clever name for this desirable difficulties.FromRangeSome people argue that part of the reason U.S. students dont do as well on international measures of high school knowledge is that theyre doing too well in class, Nate Kornell, a cognitive psychologist at Williams College told me. What you want is to make it easy to mak e it hard. Kornell was explaining the concept of desirable difficulties, obstacles that make learning more challenging, slower, and more frustrating in the short term, but better in the long term.So good performance early can be bad. Sound crazy? Oh, it gets crazierAs a corollary, great teachers are often terrible.FromRangeThe Calculus I teachers who were the best at promoting student overachievement in their own class were somehow not great for their students in the long run. Professors who excel at promoting contemporaneous student achievement, the economists wrote, on average, harm the subsequent performance of their students in more advanced classes.Are their students all doing well? Not struggling? Then the children probably arent retaining as much as they should be. Grades and long term learning are not the saatkorn thing. You know this first handHow many times did you cram for a test, do fine, but then 24 hours later you couldnt remember a single thing you studied? Exactly.Th at wasnt early onset dementia. Studies show learning too fast or too easy doesnt stick.Struggling is essential. In fact, trying hard and being wrong can be better than initially being right.FromRangeIn one of Kornells experiments, participants were made to learn pairs of words and later tested on recall. At test time, they did the best with pairs that they learned via practice questions, even if they had gotten the answers on those quizzes wrong. Struggling to retrieve information primes the brain for subsequent learning, even when the retrieval itself is unsuccessful.Yes, its very impressive to have a kid easily getting all As. But if you really want your child to grow up to be a top performer, you dont want your kid to be a prodigy.If life success all came down to doing well early, savants would rule. So how many savants have become Big-C creators who had a major impact on their field?Zero.FromRangeAs psychologist Ellen Winner, one of the foremost authorities on gifted children, n oted, no savant had ever been known to become a Big-C creator, who changed their field.If you can knock out 20 bench presses with X weight and not break a sweat, that might look good but would you expect to get bigger and stronger? No, the weights clearly too light for you. If youre not struggling at all, your muscles arent going to get much stronger.Same goes for your kids brain.(To learn the 10 steps to raising happy kids, clickhere.)Okay, on to the next tip from David. Lets get focused. Lets get specialized. Lets getMeh. Lets not3) Too Much Specialization Makes You NarrowWe live in a world of increasing specialization. Doctors dont even specialize in oncology anymore, now they specialize inparticularcancers.Make sense, right? Hard skills, clear roles, every single thing pointed toward that one goal. There is no doubt this is good for a resume. But it turns out its not necessarily good for a kids brain or their future. Dont trust me trust James FlynnFlynn is such a big deal that h e even has an effect named after him. The Flynn effect shows that human beings have been getting smarter over time. (Yeah, I know you have plenty of evidence to the contrary, wiseguy, but just roll with me, okay?)Average IQ is pegged at 100 but the IQ elves have had to keep readjusting the curve to keep it at 100 because people keep scoring higher. Butwhyare we getting smarter?Turns out its due to the ability to think abstractly. People in industrialized nations have gotten sharper because our thinking has become more broad, more abstract, less narrow and concrete. This allows us to adapt and apply our knowledge to new domains, an ability that is important now and will continue to be in the future.FromRangepremodern villagers relied on things being the same tomorrow as they were yesterday. They were extremely well prepared for what they had experienced before, and extremely poorly equipped for everything else. Their very thinking was highly specialized in a manner that the modern wo rld has been telling us is increasingly obsolete. They were perfectly capable of learning from experience but failed at learningwithoutexperience. And that is what a rapidly changing, wicked world demands conceptual reasoning skills that can connect new ideas and work across contexts. Faced with any problem they had not directly experienced before, the remote villagers were completely lost. That is not an option for us. The more constrained and repetitive a challenge, the more likely it will be automated, while great rewards will accrue to those who can take conceptual knowledge from one problem and apply it in an utterly new one.Taking all engineering courses and no liberal arts or business classes will make sure your daughter is a great engineer. But it will probably also make sure she never becomes CTO.Kids need to learn a variety of things and how to make connections between them.FromRangeModern work demands knowledge transfer the ability to apply knowledge to new situations an d different domains Research on thousands of adults in six industrializing nations found that exposure to modern work with self-directed problem solving and nonrepetitive challenges was correlated with being cognitively flexible.And this is what we see in top performers. Yes, they specialize, but they have wide-ranging interests, providing a good amount of mental crop rotation to keep their cognitive soil fertile.FromRangeScientists and members of the general public are about equally likely to have artistic hobbies, but scientists inducted into the highest national academies are much more likely to have avocations outside of their vocation. And those who have won the Nobel Prize are more likely still. Compared to other scientists, Nobel laureates are at least twenty-two times more likely to partake as an amateur actor, dancer, magician or other type of performer. Nationally recognized scientists are much more likely than other scientists to be musicians, sculptors, painters, printma kers, woodworkers, mechanics, electronic tinkerers, glassblowers, poets or writers, of both fiction and nonfiction. And, again, Nobel laureates are more likely still.Ever meet someone who is a total one-trick pony? Great at their role, terrible at everything else? Dont let your kid be that. Teach your pony a few more tricks.(To learn how to deal with out-of-control kids - from hostage negotiators - clickhere.)Are you still reading? That makes me happy. You have grit. Those people who stopped reading dont. And anything that keeps you reading my stuff must be inherently goodUm right?4) When Youre Young, Quit May Be Better Than GritBoy, do we hear a lot about grit these days. Yes, its important. This post wouldnt very good if I didnt finish it. But if you think grit is the end-all be-all, well, now youre speaking fluent crazy.Sometimes grit can be anegative. Sometimes grit isnt even grit its just stubbornness, fear of change, or the sunk cost fallacy working overtime.This is an impo rtant distinction to make - not only because it allows me to rationalize a lot of my own past flaky behavior - but because it can help us understand why the silly decisions young people make arent always that silly.Young people take risky, crazy jobs that parents think are a waste of time. But economists know their behavior actually makes sense. Are you going to try to make it as an actor or professional athlete at 50 when youre married with kids and a mortgage? I sure hope not.When youre young, trying something thats high-risk, high-reward can make sense. And even if it doesnt work out, you learn things about yourself and the world really fast, which benefits you later.FromRangeThe expression young and foolish, he wrote, describes the tendency of young adults to gravitate to risky jobs, but it is not foolish at all. It is ideal. They have less experience than older workers, and so the first avenues they should try are those with high risk and reward, and that have high informatio nal value. Attempting to be a professional athlete or actor or to found a lucrative start-up is unlikely to succeed, but the potential reward is extremely high. Thanks to constant feedback and an unforgiving weed-out process, those who try will learn quickly if they might be a match, at least compared to jobs with less constant feedback. If they arent, they go test something else and continue to gain information about their options and themselves.But seriously, shouldnt young people stop wasting time on silly pipe dreams and focus on what is really likely to make them successful and fulfilled?Well, what happens when youactuallystudy people who are successful, fulfilled, with a career they really love, one perfectly matched to their personality?FromRangeTodd Rose, director of Harvards Mind, Brain, and Education program, and computational neuroscientist Ogi Ogas cast a broad net when they set out to study unusually winding career paths. They wanted to find people who are fulfilled and successful, and who arrived there circuitously. They recruited high fliers from master sommeliers and personal organizers to animal trainers, piano tuners, midwives, architects and engineers. We guessed wed have to interview five people for each one who created their own path, Ogas told me. We didnt think it would be a majority, or even a lot. It turned out virtually every person had followed what seemed like an unusual path.We think of fulfilling careers as a straight line and any deviation as an error. Actually, straight lines are the exception, especially with people who go on to be very successful and happy. Your first job isnt a perfect fit any more often than the first date you go on turns out to be with your soulmate.Being a bit flaky can be good, especially when youre young, because it gives you the chance to learn about yourself in different environments. As London Business School professor Herminia Ibarra says, Be a flirt with your possible selves.(To learn how to raise e motionally intelligent kids, clickhere.)Okay, weve learned a lot from David. Time to round it all up and get some tips that can help you, the parent, live a happier, more successful lifeSum UpHeres how to make your kids successfulChildren need a sampling period Raise your kids like a Roger, not a Tiger.Real learning is slow and frustrating I have deprived you of lasting knowledge by making this easy to read and the guilt is overwhelming.Too much specialization can make you narrow A one-trick pony often becomes a very dumb, boring, unsuccessful horse.When youre young, quit may be better than grit Skip the youthful mistakes and they become middle-aged mistakes - where theyre a lot more costly.This post is focused on kids because thats where this knowledge is most useful. But let me tell you a little secretIt all applies to you too. Keep sampling. Keep learning. Dont get narrow. Dont be afraid to quit something that isnt working and try something new.The media just loves to tell stori es about young wunderkinder like Mark Zuckerberg but just like Tiger Woods, his path is the exception, not the rule.FromRangea tech founder who is fifty-years old is nearly twice as likely to start a blockbuster company as one who is thirty, and the thirty-year-old has a better shot than the twenty-year-old. Researchers at Northwestern, MIT, and the U.S. Census Bureau studied new tech companies and showed that among the fastest growing start-ups, the average age of a founder was forty-five when the company was launched.Your story isnt over. You still have more chapters left. A few more plot twists. Maybe even a surprise ending.FromRangeCompare yourself to yourself yesterday, not to younger people who arent you. Everyone progresses at different rates, so dont let anyone else make you feel behind. You probably dont even know where exactly youre going, so feeling behind doesnt help. Instead, as Herminia Ibarra suggested for the proactive pursuit of match quality, start planning experim ents.Keep trying crazy experiments. They bring new color to your life. As Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes saidIt is an experiment as all life is an experiment.Join over 330,000 readers.Get a free weekly update via emailhere.This article first appeared on might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people